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Crystal House, a member of the Quad County African American Chamber of Commerce, shares "A day in the Life" of a local entreprneur/CEO with students of St. Charles North High School, St. Charles Illinois.

Crystal House located at 100 Bridge Street, Wheaton IL. Phone 630-512-0400

                                        Eli at St. Charles HS junior achievement day

Crystal House booth located in the main Gym alongside some major Illinois Universities and neighborhood businesses. The faculty  was very friendly and professional providing cordial and organized enviroment to engage with the students.

                                                             St. Charles HS Junior Achievement students

Engagement is what I enjoyed with the students from 7.30Am setup to 12Noon when I closed my booth.I must have talked with almost 200 curious and respectful students. 

 St. Charles HS Junior Achievement students viewing Crystal House engraved products.

Curiousity ranged from legal and organizational structure of Crystal House, changes in the industry and how Crystal House adapts, unique value proposition . . .


Crystal House sells most major crystal brands, crystal gifts, awards and trophies. Crystal House engraves in house thus providing high quality personalization crystal gifts. Crystal House also maintains an extensive online store 

This user friendly site provides a unique platform for corporations and individuals to buy, personalize and ship crystal gifts to associates and collaborators from the comfort of the computer.


The customer friendly staffs at Crystal House is always at customer's disposal to assist in the creation of that perfect gift to express one's individuality.

Crystal House one of a handful of companies that repairs and restores crystal and porcelain heirlooms.


Crystal House display at St. Charles HS Junior Achievement day                           Crystal House display at St. Charles HS JA day


Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce recently on April 15th celebrated a successful Lobby Day event.


The Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the empowerment of black entrepreneurs across the State. Strong advocates and partners with the business community providing advocacy, education, resources and services designed to promote its chamber constituents. IBCC support job creation by helping our members to strengthen their businesses and hire workers in their communities. The Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce is the leading voice of the black business community in the State of Illinois.

Crystal House was charged to produce a fitting award to recognize 2015 advocates who went above and beyond to foster the cause of the chamber mission. Senator Jacqueline Collins and Representative Will Davis were the recipients this year.

Crystal House used its pedestal crystal Tower column deep etched reversed format the state capital with Lincoln placed in the center. Recognition text and IBCC logo deep etched on the top slant of the piece. Design and production in our studio in Wheaton, Illinois 100 Bridge Street 630-512-0400

The result a stunning presentation. True to our commitment . . . “We produce awards and gifts that are proudly displayed not stored away.”


Wheaton, IL. (April 9, 2015) – Crystal House, a Chazerly Designs, Inc. company, is proud to debut their newly redesigned ecommerce website. The new design refreshes the company’s image and gives the consumer a user-friendly shopping experience. This latest iteration not only emphasizes Crystal House’s new product line into gift stores, but also their expanded reach into a single platform for the purchase of most major crystal brands in the marketplace. features a section for their own company brand products which are intricate etchings of U.S city skylines on fine crystal items. Examples of these etchings can be found on Waterford Elegant series wine glasses and on handmade sculptures of iconic buildings such as the Willis Tower. These maiden products are of the Chicago Skyline and are currently for sale in gifts shops at Willis Tower Sky Deck, Hancock 360 and Hoypoloi located in terminals one and two at O’Hare airport. More locations and city skylines will be added over the next few months.


Major crystal brands such as Waterford, Nambe, Orrefors and Kosta Boda amongst others are available for purchase in their store

At Crystal House will be found America’s premier crystal engravers and glass artisans having nearly 60 years combined experience. Personalization makes the online store unique . . . crystal gifts are turned to family heirlooms!   All personalization is done in the Wheaton, IL studio

Another unique service is also offered to its customers, i.e., glass/crystal repair.   Chips and other damages can be made to look like new.   And, repair needs can all be communicated through the website. Damaged pieces will be able to be shipped to Crystal House, repaired and then shipped back to the sender. It will be possible to arrange all facets of this procedure online.

Repair banner for PR

After much thought and planning, this site will likely be the perfect embodiment of Crystal House’s evolution into the specialty retail industry. From carriers of brand name crystal and its own custom brands, as well as engravers/designers of awards and gifts on this ecommerce store, we are looking forward to sharing this newly designed site with current and future partners.
Crystal House provides its clients with a portfolio of attractive and memorable brands and heirlooms that are well-positioned to cater to discriminating guests, visitors, corporations and local residents.

Crystal House is located at 100 Bridge Street, in Wheaton Illinois 60187, U.S.A.

Phone: 630-512-0400

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WOW! Stunning awards designed & produced by Crystal House for United Way Metropolitan ChicagoCrystal House recently participated and celebrated the 2014 United Way of Metropolitan Chicago awards’ ceremony.

While there are many opinions why we express appreciation and recognize recipients in award ceremonies, an opinion I share is that we honor mostly ideals rather than individuals or organizations.

Ideals generate purpose, direction, motivation and passion in all activities.  Value is achieved not only in tangible attainments but also in the selfless efforts extended thereof.

Multiple factors must be carefully considered when recognition ceremonies are decided upon.  First, of course, is selecting candidates based on very specific qualifications. Next is choosing the actual awards amongst literally thousands of shapes and materials from which to choose.  Third, the message must be composed and graphically designed to complement each award.  Finally, a master engraver is partnered with the cause to properly execute the message on the awards within a specified time frame and within certain budget constraints.

United Way of Metropolitan Chicago chose Crystal House as this partner for all its awards and some promotional products.

Awards should be proudly displayed and alsoremind us, if only for a brief moment, that someone or some group did something so special that in the end it served to elevate us all.  

Chazerly Designs, Inc. Dba Crystal House.

Why give awards?  What purpose does it serve?

All comments will be added to a special drawing on June 30th to receive a special gift for Independance Day.

It has been a long road taken to have the modern flatware we have today.  Something similar to the modern flatware we have today was developed in the Middle East by the 11 century.  It took many generations for our modern utensils to become popular in the West.  Utensils were also a status symbol in the early days, only the wealthy were fortunate to flatware.

The knife is one of the oldest and most used human creations.  Cavemen used sharpened stones and bones to cut their food, making them the first of many variations of the knife and one of man’s first tools.  Primitive knives were decorated with feathers, jewels and carved patterns.

Early spoons were carved from wood, bones, shells and stones.  The word “spoon” was developed from the Anglo-Saxon “spon,” which means a splinter or chip of wood.  The Greeks and Romans made their spoons from bronze and silver and added pointed stems.   Spoons were often highly decorated and show the status of the house. 

The fork was created much later than any other flatware item.  Before the fork was common in Europe, people would often use to knives to eat, one to hold the food and the other to cut.

Since 1742, Kosta Boda has been Sweden’s best glasswork maker, world-known for its creative and gorgeous art glass.  There is an air of grace and sensuality in every glasswork when made by Kosta Boda glass makers, who have spent their whole lives creating and improving glassworks.   Kosta Boda glassmakers create not only for a living, but as an expression of passion and love of art.

Creating a fine glasswork is not easy; it takes a lot of patience, hard work and perseverance.  Kosta Boda strives to stretch the limits of feasibility and exploring the possibilities of glass.  Refined glassware with vibrant, bold, and innovative designs stands as the true passion of a Kosta Boda creation. 

Time-honored and strengthened by its word-class glass pieces, Kosta Boda has been a part and will always be a part of a tradition that will never expire through the ages.  Kosta Boda glass strives for quality and beauty in every piece created and honored in your home.

For those that do not understand the process of glassmaking, usually judge the quality of glassware by seeking flawless perfection.  Perfection in every single piece created can only be achieved in machines.  Handmade glassware, even by the most experience and talented glassmaker, will always have small variations.

Variations in handmade glassware are what make is so desirable.  Each variation or imperfection is a mark from the artisan and a testament to their work.

Traditional marks include:

  • Tiny Bubbles

Tiny bubbles are called seeds and are the size of a pinpoint.  They are formed by gases when the raw ingredients melt.

  • Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, or cords, are only visible when light hits the glass in a certain way.  They are caused by a difference in density during the melting process.

  • Mold Marks

Mold marks are ridges on a glass piece where the mold was separated.  An overly prominent mark can be a sign of careless workmanship.

  • Shear Marks

Shear marks are a slight puckering of the glass caused when the artist snipped off molten excess after shaping the piece.  It is a normal characteristic of glass.

  • Pontil Marks

Pontil marks are a small indentation on the bottom of the glass piece.  This mark indicates that the piece was handmade and shows where the glass was attached to the pontil in the final stages of fire polishing.  

Crystal is a treasured item in most households, but how do you tell if you have a good quality of crystal to show off?  A good quality of crystal will have a clear, tint-free, distortion-free transparency.  It will also have a fine, perfectly smooth rim.  Quality crystal items will also have a long, elegant stem and a stable foot.

To judge the clarity and luster of crystal, hold the item against a pure white background.  Quality crystal items will appear clear and tint-free.  Inferior grades will appear cloudy, bluish or greenish.  Not all high-quality crystal items are colorless.  By adding mineral salts to the raw materials, glassmakers can make vibrant colors.  Also, check the polish of the crystal piece.  Quality crystal will have a permanent polish or luster that is a result of fire polishing.

High-quality crystal will always have smooth edges.  It the edges are rough or scratchy, it is not high-quality.  With hand-cut crystal pieces, the design should be, sharp, accurate and defined.  High-quality crystal will also exhibit a clear, music-like ring when struck lightly.



Waterford Crystal is a brand name of beautiful crystal glassware and other crystal items.  Waterford Crystal roots lie is Waterford, Ireland and can be traced back to its origins in 1793.  Waterford crystal is still being produced today and still remains a collectible brand. 

Here is how to tell if your crystal is a Waterford:

  • Look for the foil sticker.

Some of the older Waterford pieces or limited run patterns were not stamped with the traditional Waterford name or logo.  Instead of a logo or name, a small gold and green foil sticker was applied to the items with the Waterford Crystal logo.

  • Acid Stamped.

Since 1950, Waterford Crystal has been made with an acid stamp.  In order to find this stamp, you must first clean the crystal item. Next, hold the crystal up to the light and look for the small word “Waterford.”  It may appear frosty or opaque.  In 1999, to celebrate the millennium, Waterford introduced a new stamp with the name “Waterford” with a seahorse design.


Every piece of glassware is unique in its own special way, but there are still basic shapes and cuts that artist follow. 

Stemware glass is available in three basic shapes: bucket bowl, tulip shaped bowl and flare-shaped bowl.  All other variations that glassmakers create are based on these basic shapes.  The bucket bowl shape is an architectural silhouette and suits classic styles and cuts.  Tulip and flare-shaped bowls provide a a flowing palette for a more romantic pattern for the artist.

Basic cuts include: panel, miter, diamond, ball and olive, and gray cut.

  • Panel Cut

The panel cut is made with a place-cutting wheel.  The place-cutting wheel produces a smooth and even bevel on the crystal. 

  • Miter Cut

The miter cut is most versatile of all of the crystal cuts.  The artist uses a pointed cutting wheel to form the cuts.  It is characterize by a bevel pointing inside the glass. 

  • Diamond Cut

The diamond cut is a crosshatch of miter cuts.  It produces diamond shapes on the sides of the glass and produces brilliant effects on crystal. 

  • Ball and Olive

The ball and olive cut is produced by a grinding wheel and creates circles in the glass called balls or olives. 

  • Gray Cut

The gray cut is cut before the crystal receives an acid polish.  These cuts look silky or matte white on the surface of the crystal.