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Kosta Boda

Kosta Boda

Crystal House is a premier independent Kosta Boda retailer in US. At Crystal House, we engrave on some Kosta Boda products to create one-of-a-kind personalized gifts.

Fine quality glassware has been made in Sweden’s Kosta village for hundreds of years. Products such as window panes, bottles and drinkware as well as chandeliers were made there. This costly glassware was purchased primarily by royalty, nobility and wealthy merchants. Several decades had passed before Swedes learned how to blow glass themselves. The original glassblowers migrated from Bohemia, which is now part of the Czech Republic.

When Kosta products were exhibited at the General Art and Industrial Exposition of Stockholm in 1887 they were criticized for lack of originality. Their products looked too much like glassware made in other parts of Europe. Criticism of this magnitude inspired the company to change its method of operation by employing its own designers. This new idea spawned the development of uniquely artful glass and remains the actual foundation of the way in which the glassworks continually develop their leading-edge Kosta Boda look until today.

A merger of glassworks in the communities of Kosta, Boda and Afors occurred and the name was changed to Kosta Boda AB in 1975. In 1989 it again changed to Orrefors Kosta Boda AB.